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2x For 13-17 Mitsubishi Outlander Roof Rack Side Rails Baggage Cargo Silver Bar

2x For 13-17 Mitsubishi Outlander Roof Rack Side Rails Baggage Cargo Silver Bar

2x For 13-17 Mitsubishi Outlander Roof Rack Side Rails Baggage Cargo Silver Bar
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NOTE: Please check the compatible chart above to check if the parts will fit your car or not! Do you want to get a HIGH-QUALITY Roof Rack? This Roof Rack is a highly capable choice for everyday or heavy duty use.

Just choose the proper attachments you need for your sport or hauling needs, then let the adventure start. Surperbly produced and made in material Easy installation and removal A high-quality roof rack with many capabilities Suitable with a wide variety of roof rack attachments. A Pair of Roof Rack. The basic concept of a roof rack is made up of following parts. The mount - This is the piece of the rack that actually attaches to your vehicle.

This piece will be specific to your vehicle's make, model, and year. Type of mount will change depending on how the rack is mounted, as you will see below. The tower - This is the piece that connect the mount to the actual cross bar. The cross bars - Self explanatory, but there are a few different styles you can choose from.

Accessories - Once you have a base rack on your car, you can then mount accessories to the cross bars to carry just about anything. How to Install the Roof Racks for Your Car? Position the step ladders on either side of the Car. If your Car has step bars or running boards, you may not need to use the step ladders. Climb up the ladder or running boards until you can easily access the rear crossbar where it contacts the side rail. Turn the knob on the crossbar counter clockwise to loosen it. Have a helper do the same on the opposite side of the vehicle. Slide the roof rail forward or backward until it reaches the desired position. Once there, turn the knobs clockwise to tighten the crossbar back down. Move the ladders forward and repeat steps three and four with the front crossbar. The roof rack cannot be overloaded, pay attention to the carrying weight of the roof rack and the actual carrying weight of the car. Pay attention to the lock core and key to be installed on the luggage rack, and make sure to lock and remove the key during use. The luggage rack made of aluminum alloy will not rust, but it will slowly oxidize during use. Rain or car wash water contains acidic or alkaline substances, which will also corrode the surface to a certain extent, and there will be slight stains after a long time. When carrying heavy objects or other hard metal objects, it is easy to cause slight scratches on the aluminum alloy crossbar, which is a normal wear phenomenon. Make sure that the sealing strip has been installed on the crossbar during use to prevent dust and reduce wind noise. After the luggage rack is installed, it does not need to be disassembled frequently. Because for cars with ordinary roofs, frequent disassembly and assembly of the roof frame may damage the paint; for cars installed with reserved fixed points, frequent disassembly and assembly may cause damage to the screws at the fixed points. Therefore, although the roof rack can be disassembled, it is still necessary to make preparations for fixing it on the roof for a long time when choosing it. Professional Installation is Highly Recommended. Select from a range of different lengths to obtain the correct size roof rack for your vehicle.

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2x For 13-17 Mitsubishi Outlander Roof Rack Side Rails Baggage Cargo Silver Bar